Personalized, 1 on 1 coaching for you to believe in yourself, your dreams, and your power,
so you can Live a Life you Love. 

There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?

Dear wandering soul,


Are you feeling hopeless and craving more meaning & happiness in your life?


Maybe you’ve been trying to create your dream life on your own but nothing seems to really change?


Comparing yourself to others & feeling like you’re supposed to have accomplished more by now?


Picture this...


You’ve figured out what YOU really want out of life AND you’ve started getting it.

You know EXACTLY how to get what you want and the process feels easy and FUN!

You have tools and the CONFIDENCE to work through any emotional turmoil that comes up.

You have the TIME and FREEDOM to do everything you want.

You’re no longer worrying about what people think, asking permission to do what FEELS GOOD to you, or putting everyone else before yourself.

Are you ready for this to be your reality?

Meet Your Coach ♡

Hey home slice, I’m Kay!

Your cute, but sassy, always-spreading-the-love Coach. I’m here to show you the incredible life you can have when you believe in yourself and your worth.

I’m a recovered in-the-box dweller. I used to think I had to get a high-paying career, find a husband, and start a family in order to be happy. But when I landed a “stable” job and nothing else fell into place, my mental health started to unravel.

It took over 3 years to break through depression, self-doubt, and self-hatred before I was able to step into the life of my dreams – dream relationship, dream career, and all the time & freedom to do everything I want.

Good news! It won’t take you nearly that long. My clients experience major breakthroughs in only the first month of working together, and go on to do things they never thought possible. I’m here to help you experience all of that and more!

My spiritual journey has not been a smooth ride.

I know exactly what you’re going through right now…

  • Your dreams feel impossible to accomplish but you can’t let them go.
  • You’re trying to work on the things you want to change but you keep falling short of your goals.
  • You’ve had some personal epiphanies but it doesn’t feel like they’ve made a impact on your day-to-day life.
  • You know that self-love and knowing your worth is important but you can’t seem to hold onto that when you spin into a negative down-spiral.
  • Worst of all, you feel alone, like no one gets you and it’s not safe to share the darkest parts of you with the people you love.

If this sounds like you,  you’re in the right place.

This is exactly why I started
Rise Up & Thrive

Rise up & Thrive is a one to one coaching program that will take you on a personalized path to the life of your dreams
by stepping out of self-doubt, fear, and frustration, and into the power of self-love, trust, and purpose.

You've Got the Power!

Rise Up & Thrive is all about crushing your goals and getting you to your dream life but the KEY is working from the inside out.

How you feel about yourself, your life, and your dreams – your internal world – has to change FIRST. Otherwise, you will be blocking yourself every step of the way.

Relationships, health, finances, career, we work on it all! But don’t worry, you won’t get overwhelmed. 

The best part is that we only have to focus on ONE thing and everything else in your life will change. Why? Because how you do one thing is how you do everything. It’s all connected!

Once you learn how to change ONE area of your life you keep that knowledge forever and it becomes easier and easier to crush your goals.

Plus! I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Ready to get started?

You will get...

60 minute 1:1 calls EVERY WEEK where we DIVE DEEP into your dreams, your blocks, and your beliefs, so that keep your eyes on the PRIZE every step of the way.

∆ EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to me via What’s App so that you’re FULLY SUPPORTED every step of the way, and never have to feel alone or lost again.

∆ A personalized program made just for you, because your UNIQUENESS is your POWER and I don’t dim your light by doing cookie-cutter coaching. 

BONUS ACCESS: to every webinar, mini course, and group program I have or create during our time together!

∆ The space and love to truly be who you are without fear or shame.

Banners (3)

“I didn’t know how unkind I had become to myself in my pursuit of trying to “get everything right.” I never allowed myself time to breathe or rest. I held onto mantras I felt were good for me but were actually setting a precedent that I needed to struggle in order to deserve anything. I had no idea how much I was in my own way, even though I held such good intentions of success. I needed Kay to help me get out of my head and into the present with kindness and love for myself. 10/10 recommend!”
                                                                 – Erica Renfro

“Coaching with Kay felt synergistic. I felt like she took the time to understand what I wanted to work towards and listened to all the pro’s and con’s I had about my goals and decisions. In the end, I achieved my goals, strengthened my daily practices and gained valuable insights about myself! I felt I could be myself and express all that is me!
The growth felt so natural I didn’t realize how far I had come until in the last session we looked back!”
                                                                 – Ashley Van Brabant

“I originally met Kay at a photoshoot and was immediately drawn in by her beautiful energy. We started working together in January 2021, and I can truly say that our three months together were so profound and positive. 
Kay helped me work through a variety of blockages, holding me back in my career, relationships and in loving myself fully. She motivated me, inspired me to pursue my dreams and reminded me that my journey has great purpose. She helped me get into alignment with my authentic self and showed me the benefits of letting my light shine in this world.
Every week, I looked forward to our one hour meeting together. But what I really came to appreciate was access to her anytime throughout the week, to talk through my thoughts and feelings as they happened in the moment. Kay put her whole heart and attention into my journey and always had the best advice and reminders ready for me. 
Even after working with her, I still feel like I have someone in my corner who genuinely wants to see me succeed.  
Thank you, Kay. You are a true blessing.”
                                                                 – Sonia De Fazio

“I know people come into your life for certain reasons and I feel really, really glad I met Kay. She lit a fire in me that helped me with fishing my book, keeping me accountable, and learning how to deal with all these past issues that I have. I have seen so many councilors and I’m just so grateful for Kay being my coach and becoming my friend.
I got more out of my first month coaching with Kay than I have with years of therapy!”
                                                                 – Kristi Dupont

Client Wins

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