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We’re still in the midst of a pandemic but it’s time for you to step back into the power to create the life you want. The money, love & magic summit is all about getting back into the game and taking control of your year, despite what’s happening around you.


3 topics from 3 inspiring women in the self-empowerment community. And replay available.


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Three inspiring women in the self-empowerment community have joined forces to bring you the summit to launch your life out of stuck and stressful energy, into the magic and love you deserve.

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Only $55

Meet Your Hosts

Jes Lyn

Jes is a single mama to her daughter Reagan, a former full time online health and wellness coach turned money mindset & manifestation business coach!
She went from a burnt out network marketer drowning in over $29,000 worth of debt to a JOY FILLED mompreneuer and DEBT FREE in under a year using unconventional techniques & unlocking abundance codes! She helps women all across the world NEXT LEVEL their lives by dropping the hustle & breaking the rules. 
In two years she has built a six figure business online with ease, joy, and fulfillment and aspires to help as many as possible do the same!
Follow Jes Lyn on Instagram @its.Jes.Lyn


Kay is a Self-love & Empowerment Coach.

She went from massive depression, hating her life and feeling like there was no way out, to unlocking the life of her dreams – finding her passion, soulmate, and purpose – all through the power of self-love.

Now she aspires to help women across the globe transform from feeling worthless and unloved to powerful, purposeful, and at peace.

Follow Kay on Instagram @KaySchultzCoaching

Eronica Aljoe

Eronica is an Alignment Mindset Coach and a certified EFT practitioner helping high achievers find balance in their personal and professional without sacrificing their inner peace, health, and or relationships.

Eronica uses her expertise and studies of over 7 years in Self Mastery and Human Fulfilment to foster global change by guiding high achievers to align their outer world with their inner world
so they too can create their dream life from the inside out. Her clients and mentees experience fulfillment as they show up with more impact, clarity, confidence, and peace.

When Eronica isn’t coaching or speaking, you can find her walking or hiking in nature with her 3-year-old puppy, tending to her garden, dancing in her living room or nurturing her plant babies.

Follow Eronica on Instagram @EronicaAljoe

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